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10. Hope Solo

Hope Solo
Hope Solo [Image from Flickr by: Love @ll]
The controversial US player is one of the best goalkeeper in the world, and  plays for Seattle Reign FC. She has also won two Olympic gold medals. She is definitely a keeper!

9. Erika Cristiano

Erika Cristiano
Erika Cristiano [Image from Flickr by: Alexander Iser]
A Brazilian international who is quick, agile and eye candy. The 26 year old defender is renowned for her part in a controversial act in 2011. She dropped to the ground in suspected agony from a back spasm. After being stretchered off she jumped back up and ran onto the field. The time delaying tactic failed as US scored in added time and went on to win on penalties.

8. Helen-Jean Stubbs

Helen-Jean Stubbs

Unpredictable. The 20 year old South African-Italian midfielder is an agile, quick and at times snappy midfielder. An African queen in beauty and footballing skills.  Plying her trade in South Africa at Benels FC and is set to undergo a trial in the US. Keep an eye on the next Mata. Female version of Neymar.

7. Ali Krieger

Ali Krieger
Ali Krieger [Image by:Pulv]

The American player who is at home in defense and midfield is a joy to watch both on and off the field. She is Mexican and part of our gorgeous cast.

6. Kyah Simon

Kyah Simon
Kyah Simon [Image by:Camw]

The Australian footballer is based in Australia. She had a stint in the US and is now back home. The 23 year old striker was the first Indegenous Australian to score at a World Cup (2011).

5. Jonelle Filigno

Jonelle Filigno
Jonelle Filigno
The Canadian star. Part of the side that won bronze at the 2012 Olympics.  The Sky Blue attacking midfielder is also goal laden. Having attended Rutgerd University she left her mark there as the leading scorer of game winning goals (17).

4. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan [Image from Flickr by: Love @ll]
The youngest player at the 2011 Football World Cup for the US. She scored a record breaking goal in the 123rd minute against Canada during the Olympics.  She has been a FIFA player of the year finalist in the same year, 2012 and the best female US player.

3. Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk Hoogendijk
Anouk Hoogendijk [Image by:Ajaxlife/De Brouwer]
The dutch international is currently at Arsenal ladies. She is another of the gorgeous looking football players in the world and she is blonde. Her highlight will be scoring the winning penalty against France in the quarterfinal of the 2009 Euros.

2.Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner
Selina Wagner
The Germany international is one of the stars of her side. She has come up from the ranks and has had a shoot with playboy. Enough said.

1. Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts
Heather Mitts [Image from Flickr by: 黒忍者]
Though retired she features on our list. The defensive player was a gold medal winner three times and one of the most successful American female football players ever. She has played for the US in more than 100 games! A real legend-ess.

Article contributed by: Benedict Chanakira

Twitter: @bchanakira2