About Us

About Us

‘Sports Rooter’ is more of a community than a website/blog. It was started to provide news and information to and from the readers of the website. We make sure than all the sports news provided is reliable and the source for every news is mentioned in the article itself. Anyone who wishes to write for ‘Sports Rooter’ can just go to the Contact Us¬†page and submit their details. Our team will contact them and they may get a chance to write for us. We are currently not paying our writers, but shortly we will have regular competitions for them and a much deserved prize would be given to them.

If you think that you are a true sports rooter and you have what it takes to be a great sports writer, write to us so that you can write for us.

Key People behind Sportsrooter.com:

1. Jatin Chaddha

2. Jitesh Patel