Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of football's biggest superstars and has what is arguably football's biggest ego. It is great to have a certain degree of self confidence as a footballer but Zlatan takes it a notch higher. During his journey from Malmo to PSG, Zlatan has played for the best clubs in the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic double send Sweden to Euro 2016
Be it the fact that he told Arsene Wenger that Zlatan does not do trials or his opinion in his autobiography about his former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola being a spineless coward, Zlatan has never been afraid to portray his pompous attitude. There were rumors that his autobiography "I Am Zlatan" had quotes which were never said by him. However, it was he who approved those quotes and the fact that Mario Balotelli can be considered as poor man's Zlatan just emphasizes the personality that he is.

On Tuesday, Zlatan single handedly (according to him) destroyed Denmark. However, more than his two goals that sent Sweden to next year's Euros, it was his statement after the game that attracted more attention. He said "They (Denmark) tried to send me to retirement, instead I sent their whole nation into retirement".

The fact that this statement would draw more attention than the spectacular free kick he scored in the same game could be regarded as a disappointment. However, Zlatan being Zlatan would not mind it one bit. In his entire career, although his feet have done most of the talking, he makes sure it is his talking off the pitch that steals the thunder.

His glamorous career unfortunately still does not possess the Champions League, World Cup or the Euros. But the chances of him winning the Euros next year with Sweden is quite slim. However, considering the fact that he felt the 2014 World Cup would be boring without him and the enigma that he is, Euro 2016 certainly promises to be entertaining with him in it.