Russell Wilson in action for Seattle Seahawks
QB Russell Wilson of the Seahawks put up a brilliant performance against Washington on Monday night, leaving his opponents stunned.

In fact, safety Ryan Clark said after the game that he thinks Wilson is the best player at present.

"We gained a better team," Clark told the Washington Post, "We got beat by a better team. We got beat by, as far as I'm concerned this weekend, the best player in the NFL. Russell Wilson made every play he had to make for his team to win, and we didn't."

Wilson completed 18 of 24 passes for 201 yards with two touchdowns and added 122 yards on 11 carries and one touchdown without a fumble.

"Best player in the NFL" still sounds somewhat exaggerating. Peyton Manning was voted unanimous MVP last season, and his numbers so far this year are only slightly below last year's numbers. Continues, "Manning would finish with 5,172 yards and 48 touchdowns this season. And JJ Watt is playing not only as the best defensive player in the NFL, but one of the best defensive players ever."

Clark made the remarks following Wilson burned to the defense of Washington, so no parameter. For now, Wilson is one of the best, and has the potential to reach the top.