Roy Keane [Image by: Irish Mirror]
Last month, Roy Keane released his second autobiography, titled The Second Half. The release of his book was highly anticipated, as he lifted the lid on his fallout with Ferguson and his ill-fated management career. So, does the book live up to all the hype?

The first thing that I must say about the book is that the title doesn’t lie. This is the second half of a book. The earlier part of his playing career was covered in his first autobiography, the Saipan incident was covered in that as well. Despite that, if you haven’t read the first book, this book is still a great read. Keane doesn’t refer to his first book a lot in this book, and when he does he recaps what he said in his first book.

Like any other footballing autobiography, the main audience of the book is football fans. Obviously this book will appeal even more to Manchester United fans, they’ll want to hear what their former captain had to say about the end of his Manchester United career. Keane talks about his footballing career a lot throughout the book, but the latter part of the book, about his punditry work and his work with the Irish National team, is just as good, despite is not bring all about the beautiful game.

Keane is brutally honest in the book, he gives his opinion and doesn’t seem to have covered anything up. He is honest about the end of his playing career, his tackle on Håland and the MUTV incident that brought his 11 association with Manchester United to an end. He gives his version of events and is honest about them. He is also incredibly self critical throughout the book. He talks about how he could of handled things that he did better. He is just self critical in the second half of his book, when he talks about his stints as a manager, especially his spell at Ipswich.

Overall, his book is actually a very enjoyable read. It’s definitely up there in some of the best footballing autobiographies of recent times. If you’re a Manchester United fan then this book is a must read, but it’s a good read of any football fan.

Article contributed by: Luke Blackstock

Twitter: @LukeZB99