Serbia's recent performance has been very disappointing as they have failed to qualify for Euro 2016 and also lost 4-1 to the Czech Republic on Saturday.

Nemanja Matić
The team is set to play a series of friendlies before the World Cup qualifiers campaign and the game last night was first of the many.

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matić has been very unhappy with the national side and the attitude of his teammates. According to ESPN, Matić  has told his coach Radovan Curcic that he does not see any point carrying on with the national team if things don't change. He also questioned players' working ethics and wanted to know if they behave the same way at their clubs.

While Matić's form at Chelsea has not been good, no one can question his efforts and determination to do his best. He has openly supported Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and seems to have his mind at the right place.