Matt Asiata [Courtesy: Fox Sports]
Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has not named his starting running back for Sunday's game at Buffalo. What is revealed that Matt Asiata wants to be given more work.

Asiata was the owner of the Vikings the last four games until he was replaced by rookie Jerick McKinnon in last Sunday's  defeat against Detroit. Asiata played just 16 plays against the Lions, carrying the ball twice for -5 yards and catching one pass for 18 yards.

"I like Asiata," Zimmer said. "I think he's physical. He has played well this year. Had a loose ball against Green Bay, but that was after a run of 11 yards.

"Matt is a very reliable guy and I anticipate that when he carries the ball, its going to get a few yards. That's not a criticism at all, because I think we still have the explosive McKinnon. I would like to see that continue using both."

McKinnon had 40 yards on 11 carries and caught 6 passes for 42 yards against the Lions. He participated in 47 plays.

"I would say that the coin is in the air," McKinnon said about his playing time on Sunday. "I would say go with the one with the hot hand."

The Vikings have struggled to find consistency in running the ball in the five games since Adrian Peterson has been lost after being charged last month in Texas over a charge of felony child abuse. Although he rushed for 241 yards on 28 September against Atlanta, the Vikings averaged just 73.3 yards rushing in four games.