Although most people will say that this is unlikely, due to the fact that Odom recently suffered a near death experience that landed him in critical condition in a hospital, I will say that it is possible. I talked about the story on this podcast episode:

Lamar Odom
Odom was described as a generational talent, a 6’10 lean and quick player who could bang down low with big men, and step out to run an offense, drain three’s, and make nifty passes.

It would be one thing if Odom’s game was based on speed or quickness. But Odom’s game centered around his sharp passes, smart court vision, hit the occasional jumper, grab some boards, and conduct simple pick and rolls.

Sure, he is 35 years old and getting up there and age, but the skills I described above are not skills that disappear from a 35 year old. Odom was apparently working to get back into playing shape this past summer. And despite this recent relapse, I bet that he will work his tail off to get back into playing shape.

The one concern is that Phil Jackson apparently brought Odom in for a workout with the Knicks and then cut him a week later. But I will speculate and say that was because Odom was not in shape then, and if you give him a few months, I think he could really get back into the swing of things.

And I’ve no doubt that when he’s ready, an NBA team will at least give him a tryout.

Article contributed by: Chris Penderbrook


Twitter: @wedabestnba