Former Chelsea defender Graeme Le Saux has compared the current season of Chelsea with the season of Blackburn, the season after Rovers had won the Premier league title. Chelsea have been enduring a terrible season by their standards which also led to the sacking of Mourinho.

Chelsea are now 19 points behind league leaders Arsenal
Le Saux played for both Chelsea and Blackburn. He was a part of a Blackburn side which fell apart from after their title winning season. Blackburn are the only side to win a Premier League title apart from Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

They were very much buoyed by the new injection of money but soon withered away after that memorable season. Le Saux states that Chelsea are facing a similar fate due to lack of motivation and tiredness as well. The former defender has also attributed the differences in various personalities and off the field issues might have affected the Chelsea team in this campaign.

Le Saux was earlier involved in a spat with former Chelsea Manager Mourinho. Jose had stated that he does not have a Le Saux before the trip to Israel. The reference was made because Le Saux was one of six senior players in the Chelsea squad in 2001 who refused to travel to Israel after the September 11 attack. The attack was probably made because Le Saux was earlier critical of the way Mourinho had treated former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro.