Sir Alex’ reign at United taught us many things but the greatest takeaway for me was,

Club > Manager > Player.

There was never a dearth of talent at United at any point of time. Many came, some stayed and while a few of them left too but the club moved on and continued doing what it does best, winning titles! We all miss our favorite legends whether it’s Cantona/Giggsy/Scholesy/Solskjaer/Becks/Keane; the list is endless to be honest. But when they left/retired, everyone along with the club wished them well and got on with it because that’s the most pragmatic thing to do.

Manchester Unted [Image from flickr by Thomas Andre Johansen]
But hey, what’s up with this “COME HOME RONALDO” thing huh? Few ADHD suffering muppets made a joke of themselves and the club by flying a banner calling Cristiano back home. I won’t call them fans and to be fair to them, they did not specify where home is but we assume it is Old Trafford because it would be difficult for Madeira to afford the CR7 bling now.

Right-foot, left-foot, headers, penalties, free-kicks, he has got every kind of goal in him and he doesn’t even bite (had to take a cheap shot at Suarez). And you would have to be absolutely nuts if you decline the opportunity of him joining United. But there has to be an offer, one can’t refuse. You probably know what they say about one-sided love, if not, am not going to tell you about it in an article on football. My problem is some of our fans still think he plays for us and it’s an absolute shame that they keep on labeling him as a Messiah for the club as if United was nothing before 2003 or after 2009. The fans keep on calling him only to get a customary professional reply that it flatters him or his agent saying that he will retire at Madrid. I get that he’s a straight flush (royal being Messi), he guarantees victories with a win percentage of almost 75% with his current club and he will improve us but making the club look like a loser just because you want some attention is disgraceful. We are not a London club for God’s sakes!! By the way an attacking line-up of Falcao-RvP-Rooney-DiMaria-Januzaj isn’t bad either.

Thankfully, United has a manager who has a profile for each position and the player, superstar or not, has to fit that profile to play for us. If my manager wants a player and it doesn’t upset my club’s dynamics, I’d wait for his arrival with bated breath. So these attention seeking banner clowns can take a break from their stupid gimmicks. I loved the ugly Ronnie when he had braces, sported spaghetti hair and dint do his eyebrows and I might still sing his name if he joins United but not at the cost of enslaving my club.

P.S. The no. 7 jersey isn’t vacant, pal.

Article contributed by: Abhinav Bhardwaj

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