1. Paul Pogba - Juventus

Paul Pogba [Image from flickr by Calcio Mercato]
Chelsea's midfield may already be solid with the defensive qualities of Matic and the passing talents of Fabregas but Pogba would make them unstoppable. There would be no doubt across the world that Chelsea would possess the most fearsome core in football.

Chelsea are one of only a few clubs believed to be ready financially to launch a bid so they stand a good chance of signing him.

2. Sergio Ramos - Real Madrid

Mourinho knows Sergio Ramos well from his time at Real Madrid and would love the prospect of partnering him with Cahill. Sergio Ramos is of world class calibre and would take no time to adapt.

Mourinho obviously values the importance of a mean defence and Ramos would be the ideal signing to perfect an already well oiled machine.

3. David Alaba - Bayern Munich

The Austrian international has already established himself as a key player in arguably the greatest team in the world. He demonstrates ability far beyond his years and his value to Bayern Munich is unquestionable.

Despite being primarily a left back he has been utilized in various positions across defence and midfield and this would certainly be appreciated by Mourinho.

4. Phillip Lahm - Bayern Munich

The Germany legend is getting older but his class still remains. He would provide irreplaceable value to Chelsea's defence and midfield. If injuries became a problem he would surely fill in and provide more than adequate cover.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid

There isn't much that needs to be said here. One of the best players of all time strutting his stuff at Stamford Bridge would be a mouth watering prospect for Chelsea fans and it would be a huge sucker punch for Manchester United fans to see their beloved hero playing for a title rival.

What do you think? What would your dream signing be?

Article contributed by: Beyond 90 Minutes

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