Most NBA pundits are predicting that the Knicks will win just 35 games in this upcoming 2014/2015 NBA season. I believe that the Knicks will win 45 games (!) and secure at least the 5th seed in the playoffs.

New York Knicks in action
Why? Not just because of their front court which improved a lot, but also their guard positions. Phil Jackson did better than people realize. Hear more about Phil on this podcast episode

But I think that their revamped backcourt will surprise a lot of people. Let’s break it down:

Point Guard: Jose Calderon is a nice player, can shoot and pass, but defensively he lacks a lot.

Backup Point Guard: Jerian Grant is a baller! This man can shoot, is fast, can defend. Maybe not as much upside as some other fellow rookies, but at 22 years old I believe he will average 15 points per game and 8 assists.

Shooting Guard: Aron Aflalo is known as a strong defensive player with a very good jump shot. Sure, he had a down year, but considering that he is on a 1 year deal (2nd year player option), playing for a huge market in New York, he will definitely bounce back.

Backup Shooting Guard: Sasha Vujajic was brought in by Phil Jackson to teach the triangle and knock down 3-pointers. Though it’s easy to make fun of him (for his hairnet), he has been a productive shooting guard in Europe the past 5 years, and can still hit 40% from 3 point range.

Expect a big surprise year for the Knicks this year!

Article contributed by: Chris Penderbrook


Twitter: @wedabestnba