So who is Julia Stuart? 

She’s a bit of a conundrum. A girly-girl complete with blonde highlights and bright lipstick, who also gets paid to watch sport.

Julia Stuart
You are the football lady, some would even go as far as saying you easily qualify as a WAG. What do you make of this?

Who are these “some”? This is because WAGs are getting to spend the ballers’ money and unless there’s a couple of LV purses and some Louis’ in my immediate future this qualification is as bogus as the South African cricket team’s record in ICC knockouts.

I’m a journalist by profession, recently moved into broadcasting and now working hard to hone those presenting skills. It’s a tough job, you have to look your best so maybe in that way I get the WAG comparison, maybe a little, but you also have to know your stuff so you aren’t just a pretty face. Live TV will show you flames.

 Just had a little re-think. Sara Carbonero is a WAG and sports presenter. Unless Iker Casillas has a change of heart any time soon I think I’ll stick to being labelled the latter.

What team do you support in the English Premier League? Why?

Arsenal! My dad is a Liverpool fan but growing up I didn’t have that same pressure as little kids who get their parents’/family’s team-of-choice kit every Christmas. I was a teen when I got into football and my dad said to watch all the teams and see which one I liked.

I started to care whether Arsenal won or lost and the rest is history. I’ve been to Highbury, London Colney. I saw Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial as well, which was the first game at the Emirates, and have been to plenty more since then.
So many years of anguish as an Arsenal fan. What must change?

Frustration is probably a better word. The team always promises so much but they have a soft underbelly. That, unfortunately, is down to Arsene Wenger. No other manager – perhaps only Fergie (Sir Alex Ferguson) during his time at United – has complete control of a club in the way the Frenchman does. And between him and the board they’ve bred a culture of complacency.

When your main shareholder says he didn’t invest to win trophies that’s a big red flag.

Wenger’s contribution cannot be questioned but the team needs a change, they are tactically naïve at times, lack that fighting spirit of old and when they go a goal down heads drop, a sign that belief is an issue.

I could go on and on but I just feel a change is needed. Arsenal have a decent squad, the areas they need to strengthen – Striker, DM and CB - are common knowledge and when they are on song they are incredible to watch.

But if you look at what Ranieri has done with Leicester, what Bilic has done with West Ham it shows there’s so much more to this game than good names on paper.

Do you think Arsene needs to go? This is considering he has a three-year deal on his table at the moment?

I’d like to introduce that deal to my shredder!

What was the last movie that you watched? What was it like? What caught your eye or annoyed you?

Batman v Superman was the last one I saw. It was a great action movie no doubt, I feel the superhero movies usually are and am suspicious of people who don’t like them. But if you are looking for a plot don’t bother.

What is your take on Bafana Bafana, who are a frustrating team. If you were to give Shakes Mashaba any advice at the moment, what would it be?

It is incredibly frustrating, once again we will be watching the final few matches of AFCON 2017 qualification with our calculators out.

The thing that bugs me often is selection. We need to be picking our form players and at times I feel people are selected on reputation, more so here than elsewhere in the world.

There are players performing week in and week out in the ABSA Premiership or other leagues around the world but they are not given scope in the national team.

If you were to be a professional football player, what position would you play and why?

When I was younger I played on the wing and probably would do the same if I was pro, I’m quite speedy and as a winger you get involved in the goalmouth action too and we know scorers get all the glory.

Who is your favourite male and female football player?

Dennis Bergkamp is one of my all-time favourites. He was like poetry in motion, the things he did on the field and his vision, unmatched. I also liked his professionalism, his status as a family man and non-drinker, just dedicated to his craft. A lot of young SA footballers could learn from that.

A Female footballer I like is Celia Sasic of Germany, now retired, and also our own Amanda Dlamini. I don’t think female football gets enough airtime for me to know all the greats out there and that’s partly what the US women’s team are fighting for in this lawsuit about the bonus and match fee comparisons with the men: equality.

Who is the most overrated football player?

Anyone from Sp*rs (Tottenham).

Article contributed by: Benedict Chanakira

Twitter: @bchanakira2