It seems that the problems of Bayern Munich have not ended with their defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions league a few days back.

Pep Guardiola accuses dressing room 'mole' of damaging Bayern Munich
It has been reported by a source from the dressing room that there were some arguments between the Spanish manager and his physios. Guardiola was not happy with the fact that he had to wait long for several of his key players to come back from injuries while Madrid was able to get back their main defender Diego Godin back to fitness in time.

Guardiola stated that the news about the dressing room spat should not have been spread to the media and it is currently the club's problem that they have a mole. The former Barcelona manager stated that he will not be at the club next season and so it is the club that has to handle with such an issue.

He added the fact that such an issue has been happening during his tenure of three years at the club and is affecting the club as a whole. Guardiola was also unhappy with the fact that the German media are looking at his Bayern managerial term as a failure due to the lack of a Champions league title.

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