The match between Tottenham and Chelsea was always going to be a feisty affair.

Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri called to say thank you, says Guus Hiddink
One team was fighting for the title, their first since 1961. The other team were the current Premier league champions and were not interested in surrendering their title to a major London rival. Above all, this was a major London derby with the result mattering to the fans more than at least Chelsea's league position.

Hence, it was not a surprise to see the way Chelsea came back in the second half. The intensity and the passion shown by the Blues was one which was never seen in any of their games in this season. The way the crowd pushed them at times made one feel like it was Chelsea who were fighting for the title.

Finally, Chelsea did hammer the final nail in Tottenham's coffin. Again it was Hazard's goal that decided the Premier league champions and Ranieri was quick to thank the Chelsea manager for the effort put in.

It was more of Chelsea not allowing Tottenham to win but there was also an element, where they wanted this fairy tale to happen and their former manager to be successful. Ranieri would not care one bit what made Chelsea do this, but he definitely acknowledged the effort put by his former club.

Hiddink stated that Ranieri was emotional and said thanks about five times in their conversation through the phone. This is not something that a football fan often witnesses, let alone the manager of the team that won it.

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